Air & Gas Treatment

With specialization in purification and separation technology offerings, ReliablePneumatic is dedicated to supply high quality Compressed Air and Gas Treatment products, supporting a wide range of industries and applications where compressed air and gas purity, product quality, technological excellence and support are paramount.

Our wide knowledge and expertise in this field is a key aspect to offer air and gas purification systems that are highly energy-efficient, easy to install, and among the most environmentally friendly and quietest in their class.

ReliablePneumatic offers the widest selection of air and gas treatment products and application knowledge to protect your investment and compressed air system.

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • Desiccant Air Dryers
  • After coolers
  • Air filters & Accessories
  • Breathable Air Purifiers
  • Evaporative cooling systems

Air quality can have a significant impact on compressed air systems. Properly treated compressed air, and the right air dryer, will improve productivity, system efficiency, and product or process quality.

Based on direct expansion technology with cycling, non-cycling and Variable Speed variants, our refrigerated dryers will deliver a consistent pressure dew point of 38°F to 50°F (3°C to 10°C).

ReliablePneumatic offers a variety of Refrigerated Air Dryers in wide range of sizes and options to provide reliable and economical operation while delivering moisture free air:

Refrigerated Air Dryers Range

Flow Capacity (m³/h) : 15 – 15,000m³/h
Working Pressure (bar) : 12 – 14 bar
Dew Point : 3°C


  • Air & Water /Sea Water Cooled Variants
  • High Inlet Temperature
  • High Pressure Dryers (40 Bar)

Our desiccant air dryers are designed for a long lifetime of reliable operation. They use a combination of air from an external blower, heat and minimal compressed air, and incorporate innovative energy-saving options to provide you with the clean, dry air you need to extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your end product.

Available in various variants like Heatless, Heated and Heat of Compression (HOC), Our desiccant dryers deliver superior compressed air quality at a constant -40°F to -100°F (-40°C to -70°C) pressure dew point.

ReliablePneumatic offers a variety of Desiccant Air Dryers in wide range of sizes and options to provide reliable and economical operation while delivering moisture free air:

Desiccant Air Dryers Range

Flow Capacity (l/s) : 10 – 3000 l/s
Flow Capacity (m³/h) : 6 – 11,000m³/h
Dew Point : -40°C to -70°C


  • IP65 Electrical Rating
  • Energy Management System
  • Heat of Compression Desiccant Air Dryers
  • Desiccant Dryers (Portable)

ReliablePneumatic supplies comprehensive product line of custom and standard industrial fans known for trouble-free performance and consistent quality under duties for diverse applications. These include:

  • Swing-out Designs
  • Fiberglass High Pressure
  • DWDI Ventilation
  • Combustion Air
  • Plug Fans
  • Axial

High Heat Application Fans

ReliablePneumatic have abilities to supply fans for high heat applications. This includes fan applications of 1000 degrees (C) or more with vibration tolerance of 0.05″ per second. Typical high heat fan applications include:

  • Recirculate air in furnaces, ovens, kilns, and dryers
  • Exhaust fumes and gases from industrial processes
  • Supply air for heating and drying systems
Centrifugal Fans Range
Flow Capacity (m³/hr) 20-25,000 m3/hr
Pressure (bar) 1 kpaG -30 kpaG
  • For Blowers beyond above range, please contact ReliablePneumatic applications team.
  • The data indicated above are preliminary and may change based on the compressor block manufacturer.
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